Generic community

Generic Community

Nowadays more and more people are wondering:

How to start your own business?
Where to get start-up capital?
Where to invest your money?
These issues have led to the birth of «Generic Community» community that creates the maximum comfort for businessmen and private investors in addressing these issues. The community was formed in 2013 and during this time we have already proved themselves in professional circles as a reliable partner that always follows its mission and high principles. For business associations and private investors around the world into a single organized team in 2014, specialized web-based platform has been developed for our community, which provides all users with the necessary functionality to work online.

Platform Generic Community — is a web resource (website), which includes:
collective investment system for direct investments in real sector of economy projects such as production companies, operating businesses and start-ups,
marketing system for the implementation of investment projects and charities, as well as the promotion via the Internet of goods and services,
affiliate system to create unlimited patterns partners and customers,
system of training and effective tools for the implementation of entrepreneurial potential through the Internet.
In 2016, our community has reached a new stage of development and has received an official status in the legal field of the European Union. On October 14th, Generic Community OU was registered in Estonia, which has a specific mission and purpose.

Our goal — to create the largest international community of private investors for the implementation of promising ideas, projects, business trends. This will allow us to be a significant player in the investment market, and constantly increase the company’s turnover.

Our mission — to help the platform to provide an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to select their role, and as comfortable as possible go to the quadrant of investors, regardless of their current financial possibilities, location and professional affiliation. This will allow people with limited income to strengthen its financial position and to raise them to the level of the middle class with incomes between 100 and 000 dollars a year.

The company aims to unite the potential of all members and is based on international experience and modern approaches to the organization of private investment. The company is a mediator between private investors and project proponents, sellers and buyers, and provides all the necessary services (functional) in paid development programs.

A distinctive feature of our platform is:

opportunity to earn without investment,
the ability to sell the goods (service) through a community store,
the ability to attract investment for your startup or existing business (equity crowdfunding)
the opportunity to build its partner (customer) organization on autopilot,
minimum start-up capital for investment,
modern methods of investing,
the ability to trade shares within investment platform
Working with major payment systems, as well as Visa and Mastercard;
Join our community and realize their dreams and plans!

The international community crowdfunding

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