Back in 2011, Mr Nutcase started off as a small team of professionals hoping to make a splash in the personalised phone case industry. It was a time where the smartphone industry was really starting to take off and the personalisation of gadgetry wasn’t particularly in demand. We knew that we had a chance to really make something of ourselves and we’re so glad we took that leap of faith.

Although our team was new to the marketplace, we all had one major thing in common – our love for personalised products. Because with personalised products, you’re able to create and design something truly unique to you or a loved one. We believe our passion and commitment to customisation really drove this idea home and gave us the platform to succeed.

So after weeks and weeks of minimal sleep, countless coffees and hundreds of phone calls, we finally had something in place. We were able to create a unique interface that enabled our customers to upload their favourite images onto their phone case and fully customise their design.

We then combined this with our powerful photo print technology that transformed our customer’s designs into reality by developing a high quality end product. We took great pride in our ability to source, print and ship a wide selection of phone cases to our growing base of happy customers.


After a while, Mr Nutcase began to gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace with many customers querying about new product ranges. Soon after, we were proud to announce the launch of our new range of personalised mugs, MacBook covers, cushions and towels. Later this year, we hope to be stocking many more products so watch this space!

We believe the shift towards personalised gifts gives our customers more opportunities to create unique gifts for their loved ones across a whole range of high quality products.


We’re absolutely delighted of how far we’ve come so far and we believe we have infrastructure in place now to grow our business the way we want to. We know that we have a long, long way to go in our journey, but we’re excited for what the future will hold.

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